Bulih Beach Bungalows offers you 4 comfortable bungalows/rooms surrounded by a small tropical garden. The compound is situated directly at the clear blue ocean.

"Bulih" was planned and built with love and passion, using natural and high energetic material.  This is felt... We put a lot of thought into every detail. As a design, we settled on a traditional Balinese style with modern features.

Definitely unique in Bali, we covered our bungalows with the red stones from mystical Mount Agung, the holy mountain. „Gunung Agung“ marks the highest volcano in Bali and provides Bulih Bungalows with an impressive panorama and unforgettable views.

The spirit of our place is also to a great extent borne by our staff, who will do their best for your well-being.

It's as simple as that: in Bulih Beach Bungalows you will enjoy a lavish amount of space filled with good energy and a familiar and peaceful atmosphere. You will find perfect premises to rest, relax and enjoy life, meditate and discover spirituality... Set your soul free.